The Infertility Program

The Mind Body Center brings training received at the Mind/Body Medical Institute (MBMI) located at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (associated with Harvard Medical School) to Spring House, Pennsylvania.

Individuals who have gone through the Mind/Body Medical Institute infertility program have consistently reported significant improvements in depression, anxiety, anger, confusion and fatigue following completion of the program. Approximately 44% of the participants conceive within six months of completing the MBMI program. The relationship between participation in the program and subsequent conception and pregnancy is not fully understood.

Research has shown that women who experience infertility have increased levels of depression, anxiety, frustration, isolation, and anger. Although some scientists believe that these negative emotions may prevent conception, it seems more likely that these feelings are the result, not the cause, of infertility. In either case, a reduction of stress and tension clearly is beneficial.

What is evident, however, is that at the end of the MBMI ten-session program women who initially scored very high on tests for depression and other problems, including physical complaints, hostility, and anxiety, revealed that their negative emotions had dropped to the normal range. Similar depression reduction results have been found with patients participating in Dr. Crespy's 5-individual session program. While individual results may vary, on average, participants' level of depression has significantly been reduced (over 60%), from moderate to minimal levels.

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