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Research has shown that women who experience infertility have increased levels of depression, along with other symptoms (e.g., anxiety, frustration, etc.). Although some scientists believe that these negative emotions may prevent conception, it seems more likely that these feelings are the result, not the cause, of infertility. In either case, a reduction of stress and tension clearly is beneficial.

Our program measures these negative emotions (i.e., symptoms of depression) at program start and upon completion. While individual results may vary, on average, participants of our 5-session, individual program experience a significantly** lower level of depression (over 60%; from moderate to minimal levels) upon completion.

Almost every patient who has entered our program reported feeling much more irritable and discouraged than they had in the past. Upon completion of the program, we have measured over 70% reduction of these negative emotions! This means that most of our patients are feeling a lot less irritable and much more hopeful upon program completion.

In addition, about 9 out of every 10 patients who start the program report some difficulty concentrating, tearfulness, sadness, and unsatisfactory sleep. On average, upon completion of our program, these patients indicated a substantial amount of improvement. They reported an overall level of 67% improvement in concentration, 65% less tearfulness, 59% less sadness and 53% less sleep problems.

Fewer patients, but still a high proportion (about 3 out of 4), reported experiencing negative changes in their appetite (either overly craving food or having little interest in food) upon entering our program. We have measured about 90% improvement in this area!

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, there is a very good chance that you could be feeling better soon.

Note: **The American Psychiatric Association Clinical Guidelines for Depression Treatment suggests that within 6 weeks of successful treatment, patients can expect to experience at least 50% reduction in symptoms (our patients, on average have experienced over 60% reduction).

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