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Managing the Stress of Infertility Alice Domar, PhD, offers a lot of excellent practical advice to those who posted questions in this Resolve Internet Chat (September 2004) .

Mind/Body Medicine Literature Review Harise Stein, MD, from the Stanford University Medical Center, reviews several central studies that were published in the medical literature between 1984-2000.

The Facts to Relax: Coping With the Stress of Infertility Gwen Morrison interviews Alice Domar, Ph.D. and Barbara Blitzer, LCSW-C, M.Ed. This article provides both theory and practical reasons behind the success of the 10 session Mind/Body infertility program (Preconception.com).

Infertility: a whole person solution Barry Bittman, MD, NPR radio program host of "Mind-Body Matters," discusses how a Mind/Body approach can supplement traditional medical treatments.

Emotions and infertility: depression can interfere with conception. Research shows that by using mind-body techniques, women can boost their odds of getting pregnant. Alice Lesch Kelly, co-author of "Conquering Infertility" wrote an excellent article that describes the connection between emotions and infertility (Shape Magazine, Dec. 2002)

10 things every woman needs to know about INFERTILITY Gayle Crespy, PsyD, program director of the Behavioral Management Infertility Program, writes about 10 practical tips that woman struggling with infertility can use (ParentsKnow.com, Mar. 2003)

Depression may cause infertility Educated Patient shares her experience with depression and infertility and subsequent successful pregnancy (WebMD).

Prozac & Conception Donnica Moore, MD, women's health expert, answers a patient's question about antidepressant use and conception.

The Benefits of Incorporating a Mind/Body Approach into Infertility Treatment. Alice D. Domar, Ph.D, provides an overview of the advantages of adding a Mind/Body approach to traditional medical treatments (InfertilityMindBody.com)

Counseling May Benefit Women With Fertility Problems Salynn Boyles, WebMD freelance reporter, describes the results of a Harvard Medical School study that suggests that counseling/stress management can enhance ones chances of getting pregnant.

Can depression affect your fertility? Gayle Peterson, PhD, family therapist, describes the connection between depression and infertility and suggests that a Mind/Body approach can be very beneficial (iVillage.com).

Relaxation and Stress Management For Infertile Women Alice D. Domar, PhD describes how the "relaxation response" is an excellent antidote for women who are overwhelmed with stress. (Excerpted from Resolve Fact Sheet # 18A)

Coping With Infertility Alice D. Domar, PhD, discusses how a Mind/Body approach can help women cope with infertility and enhance their fertility in a CBS-The Early Show interview (Oct. 2002).

Study: Stress relief may be key to conceiving Rhonda Rowland, CNN medical correspondent, describes the results of a National Institute on Mental Health funded study, which found that Mind/Body group attendance can enhance the effects of traditional medical treatments.


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